Gibbs & Hancock Luxury Estates is built up of over 30 years of combined experience in Custom Home Building. We guide you through the process of building the very best home you have ever owned. Our commitment to quality starts with our team, we make sure everyone that works with us believes in designing, creating and building nothing but the best. While our focus is new custom homes, we always say “no project too big nor too small”. The relationships built with every client is our utmost priority.


We start the conversation via phone call or email. We take this time to ask as many questions as possible in order to better understand your vision. Answering a few questions can help us better understand your view and what you are specifically looking for in a custom home. We will tell you about us, how we operate, similar projects, potential costs, and see if our schedules align. Our goal is to make the best use of your time. We want to help you quickly figure out if your budget and time frame align with us for your project.

Design Team

You work directly with our designer in every facet needed from plan design, material selection, to personalizing your furniture for your custom house. We understand some people have more interest in the design process than others and do our best to insure that the experience and outcome is exactly what you have dreamed of (even if it is on your Pinterest wall!).

Meet the Builders

Jeff Gibbs and Austin Hancock would love to sit and chat about your vision. Clients are to bring all information, plans, ideas, photos etc. in order to help us better understand their vision. If clients already have a set of plans and know exactly what they want, we will move right into the estimation phase. If not, don’t worry, we will walk you through every step of the way.

If plans need to be designed from scratch we work directly with you to help build and design the dream house that you are looking for within the budget parameters discussed. We offer in-house engineering, licensed inspectors, and a full team of qualified construction experts. For more information on plan design click here.

Once we have a full set of plans we will move directly into the estimation phase of the project. At this time Jeff and Austin work together in order to develop an accurate estimate on your specific custom project. Due to our transparency with our clients, they will know up front how much items are going to cost, what the builder’s fee is, and will see all invoices from our vendors and subcontractors.


We host a meeting with the Homeowner to present our budget proposals, in line with the design proposals. Depending on where the design and budget end up, we may offer multiple proposals to show a variety of options to control costs. We want to make sure you have full control of the cost of the build.


Project manager: Unlike other builders, Gibbs & Hancock does not have a superintendent. Jeff Gibbs (licensed inspector and owner) or Austin Hancock (operator/owner) will be who are checking on your project daily. This allows us to keep a very tight-knit operation and to stay connected with all of our tradesmen.

Carpentry Team: Our carpentry team is made up of highly skilled and knowledgeable carpenters. The Lead Carpenter is the hands-on site supervisor. The Lead Carpenter and designer work together daily, from early stages of framing to the fitting of finishes at the very end of the project.

On-Site Organization: We budget cleaning, taking deliveries, and anything else that helps the project move along safely along with cleanliness and organization.


Step 1: Punch List drafted to ensure we address all minor issues that can be missed.

Step 2: Consult with homeowner and builders onsite for other details that need to be included onto Punch List.

Step 3: Final Punch List is created with target completion dates; anything after final completion dates should be handled though our warranty period.


Our warranty is activated once the clients move into the home and includes 1-year on all workmanship. We have many repeat clients who have built their 2nd and even 3rd homes with us. The reason being is we don’t disappear when the 1 year warranty is over. We take pride in helping our clients with anything they may need in years to come. It is not often that builders have the same relationship with their clients at the end of the build as they did at the beginning. This is not the case with Jeff Gibbs and Austin Hancock. You can ask our past clients (who have become friends post build) at any time.

Custom Plan Design

Custom plan design can be very exciting! During this process we are looking for photos, descriptions, likes and dislikes. The more information the better. This allows us to work with our Designer and Architect to produce the first drawing. Once we have the rough drawing we will mark it up with the clients list of loves and hates and continue to refine this as many times as needed in order to make our clients ideal house show up on paper. Working with the Architect and Interior Designer to keep the budget in line as the design unfolds is our priority. We set a target budget and help keep that target as we plan out the design. Our clients have full control of this budget with our guidance.

While we work with our trade partners, vendors and staff to begin pricing the project, we will schedule site visits to review existing conditions. We then create a budget proposal with a mix of things that we can commit costs to and allowances which may vary pending actual conditions once the project begins.